Feb 05 Match Race
(Island Packets)

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Trying real hard to look seriousHow can such a large red ball be so tiny in the water?Is this the regulation position?
It takes years of practice to signal a start the right way!Beleive it or not, Puff is leading Island Girl.Can you tell which is Island Girl and which is Puff? Are they really racing party boats?
Giving them a Little Rum for their money?I don't think this is what is meant by "racing against each other"!A powerboat burning in upper Tampa Bay. Little Rum tried to assist, but the water was too shallow. No injuries reported.
"They are gaining on us. Man the oars!"Finish line. Looks like 6 feet from this angle, but it was really 12 inches in favor of Island Girl. How's that for matched boats? 

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