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Why are there two # 4 Orange Marks?

The Photo/Mark Boat had to go back to catch the Race Start.

OOPS! We forgot to plug in the correct # 4 Mark into the GPS as we rounded it and now we have to round it again.

The Jib leach line hooked onto a cleat on the boom as we back-winded it; we now have a hole in the Jib.

Great food assortment at the party.

We need more tables; ask the racers to bring card tables next year.

Who hung their see-through lacey red and black bra with the Bikini Decorations?

We sailed too far away at the start; so we were a minute late at the line.

Lesson learned: use the binoculars to help find the marks.

We waited too late to go wing-on-wing between Markers #1 and # 3.

Glad we got an extra last minute crew.

We followed the boats ahead out to the wrong # 4 Mark.

One Nameless crew "half-mooned" the R/C Boat at the finish.

Another organization was also using VHF Channel # 68 for a swim meet.

We ditched the last race leg to get home to our new baby.

Next year, if the wind is light, the R/C should plan for a shorter course for the "Coached" Boats.

We rounded the wrong # 4 Mark and then watched the Photo/Mark Boat pick it up. RATS!!!

We were 3rd boat over the start line and had no problem finding the correct # 4 Mark.

We had one crew member who wouldn't shut up.

We had a terrible finish and lost to two boats that had been behind us.

There were too many door prizes, especially all the oil changes.

Change "Sazerac's" SHBC Rating to 175. They have a deck sweeper 155% Jib. The other boats mostly have high cut clews on a 110% or a 135% Jib.

On a "free leg" - up with the "luffs" and down with the "puffs".

Bring out the duct tape when the boat owners start to give instructions on the No Coaching boats.

We almost lost a foredeck crew overboard, during a take-down, but she saved the whisker pole.

Give us a new skipper.

Next year have a separate photo boat and a mark boat.

Change out some of my crew.

We had trouble with the GPS, so we turned it off. We then missed Marker # 3.

Our winch blew apart and the top flew overboard.

Three or four boats were barging at the pin end of the start line. We were behind about 30 seconds and got clear air.

The pin end was favored after the # 4 Mark was moved to a heading of 330 and the start line was reset.

We never used the GPS; just the printed chart with all of the headings for Mark #'s 1, 2 & 3, plus visual sightings.

On the last leg, "Amelia" was blocking our view of the finish line, so we couldn't see it.

We had problems with the tidal current from Mark # 3 to # 2.

There was better wind on the right (N) side of the course.

We had a sloppy pole take down.

One of our crew had a car collision on the road with a FL Fish and Wildlife Truck's trailer with Police reports 2 hours before the race, but she made it to the race on time.

This is the first time we've raced anything bigger than a pram. We are over the top with joy.

I had to learn new terminology and how to communicate with the crew.

SHBC is a very warm and hospitable club.

At Mark # 3, there were 3 boats rounding the mark together. We had an excellent pole take-down and rounding.

No portable VHF radio in the cockpit.

We were one minute late at the start line, but it wasn't a problem, as we quickly pulled ahead.

Twin rudders on our boat didn't respond well to wheel steering.

No compass - the owner never felt a need to have one.

We had a "hiking" GPS instead of a Marine GPS. You could not enter coordinates; it just told you where you are now.

The party was great!

Someone really knocked themselves out for all of the door prizes.

This boat sailed like a catamaran.

The sacrificial strip on the Jib was torn.

We lost a crew the night before the race and could have used one more crew.

I lost my $300.00 REVO Sunglasses overboard before the start. Has anyone seen them floating in the water?

We had trouble with the oscillating wind at the finish.

We were also blissfully unaware of the current at the finish.

From our boat owner/coach, we learned about scalloping, climbing higher to make the marks.

We put all crew to leeward to point the boat higher.

Our boat owner/coach kept us away from the shallows.

We adjusted the outhaul, but not the halyards.

The Party Committee missed my covered dish. It was still in my cooler.

The party and food were great and we won a trophy (a dozen roses).

We'll be back for next year's Bikini Cup.