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Club Sponsors

These companies are sponsoring the SHBC with donations supporting ongoing activities. This section is to recognize the generosity of these companies.

Sail Technologies - Mylar/Kevlar Seabags
Beaver Flags - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Flags

Dunedin Brewery - Beer Tasting Event
Luekens Liquors - Donated wine for the Oktoberfest Party
AJ Liquors - Donated wine for the Oktoberfest Party.
Crispers - Donated gift certificates.
Dynamic Total Health - Provided evaluation and massage certificates.
Encore Sailing - Provided certificate for sunset cruise.
Mobile Massage - Provided certificate for 1-hour massage.
Tapping the Vine - Provided Gift Certificate
Dominics Pizzeria (Now Bravo NY Pizzaria) - Donated gift certificate
Athens Restaurant - Donated gift certificate
Mocha Vida Cafe - Donated gift certificate
Kally-K's - Donated gift certificate
Tampa Bay SUP - Donated gift certificates
Peace, Love & Cake - Donated gift certificate
Nolan's Pub - Donated gift certificates
Accents by Paula - Donated gift certificate
Brady's Backyard BBQ - Donated gift certificate
Captains Pizza (closed) -Donated gift certificate
Gatti Town Clearwater - (Now Cicis) Donated gift certificate
Boat Club by LottoBoat.Net (Closed) - Donated gift certificate for boat rental
Queen's Pizza and Resturant - Donated gift certificate
Tocobaga Eco Tours - Donated gift certificate
Christopher Garill - Donated Portable Cooler
Heron Island Guides - Gave presentation about navigating Florida's Big Bend area


Animated Knots by Grogg. Need to do a refresher course on how to tie the common-as-dirt (or water) Bowline Knot? This is without a doubt the best animated know site out there. Fast, slow, or single-step viewing is available. This is no string-knot website either. All the ropes are sized large enough to see exactly how the know is tied. Knots are grouped by function (links under the title) on the webpage or download an app from the iPhone store.
Cindy Farris, President of Friends of Island Parks, and Peter Krulder, Honeymoon Island Park Manager, presented information about Caladesi Island and planned improvements and fund-raising plans.
Anchoring Laws In Florida. If you have been reading Southwinds or the BoatU.S. Magazine, you likely are familiar with the complaints about water patrol officers in some Florida jurisdictions. The web link on the left gets you a summary document you should print and keep in your boat.
Is your vessel 30 years old? If so, it likely qualifies for the Antique Vessel Certificate. This gets you an exemption from the base registration fee for your annual registration. You only have to pay the processing fees. You can also apply for a special decal for your boat. No more orange or green stickers!
Those boats without the state vessel registration numbers on the side may be Documented Vessels. They will be state registered, but the Decal Number will contain the USCG VIN. These registries partially overlap in the information they contain, so check out both when researching a vessel. VIN is the USCG assigned number and HIN is the manufacturer assigned (serial) number.
Google just keeps getting better and better! Besides being able to zoom in on your driveway, or boat in the Marina, you can now see the topology of the ocean floor. Underwater views, 3D stuff, and more. Way too much to list here. Plan on spending a couple of hours exploring on your first visit, for sure!
Starting Strategies 101 is a document outlining various procedures used for sailboat racing starts. Well illustrated, but does imply some experience with the terminology. Of course, you can try the Glossary for definitions.
Coppercoat Bottom Paint Anti-fouling coating that lasts 10 years. No VOC's, non-leaching, non-ablative, self-leveling epoxy is safer for the environment. Note: It appears copper is getting a negative reputation and may be banned in the U.S.
BoatUS Club membership can be completed online and give you a great array of benefits. SHBC members in good standing can get membership for $12.50 (instead of the usual $25.00) by entering the Co-op Group # in the appropriate box. Contact a Club Officer to obtain the correct reference number.
"BoatUS- Boat Owners Association of The United States- has been providing savings, service and representation to millions of boat owners nationwide since 1966. Today BoatUS is the nation's most powerful advocate for advancing the interests of boaters and the single source to meet all boaters needs."
A good source of safety information from the US Coast Guard. It includes many links to other areas including Homeland Security and a Security Zone Map. I recommend the PDF version because it can be "zoomed" to enable reading the map detail, especially in the restricted zones. Finally, there is the Notice To Mariners updates available through a page link.
These nautical charts are NOAA provided and are suitable for general route planning only. They are not to be used for navigation. The maps are TIFF format and can be very large. Image viewing software is needed, and must have a zoom feature to view the map detail.
Download a copy of Coast Pilot that is readable in your browser if the Adobe Plugin (for PDF files) is installed, but HTML pages are also availble. Coast Pilot gives information relating to navigation hazards, including the submerged ones, as well as detail about restricted areas. The information is described as being greater detail than what can be put in the charts. The Gulf Coast information is in the "Coast Pilot 5" volume.
Excellent informational site hosted by the Coast Guard on Lake Michigan. Check out the 1999 to 2002 Columns section for some great reading on almost-fatal situations.
The chart is a PDF you can save. It is based on Blue Sea calculations and ABYC recomendations. ABYC chart here. Be aware the chart appears to be a bit generous with wire sizes, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Blue Sea also has an online calculator (you will have to agree to terms of usage) for wire sizes. This one allows you to enter parameters that would affect wire heating, such as wire enclosure and engine compartment. Have an electrician friend verify the answers with this one. I put in 10 amps, 50' total run, 3% voltage drop, and some insulation. It returned 2 answers: 16 guage (NEC correct) and 6 guage recommended. Just for reference, 6 guage wire is what you use for your electric stove wiring so you can have all elements on at the same time! A bit excessive, me thinks.
Page containing descriptions of Safety Harbor or nearby businesses that rate a recommendation from club members. (NO official recommendation by or affiliation with the Safety Harbor Boat Club. These are strictly personal opinions.)
Page containing a table of additional boating and sailing related links.