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Dec 2021

Meeting location... Safety Harbor Library (Post-Covid)

WebMaster's Note: This web page has evolved into a 2-section layout for events. The first is the calendar dates table with event details posted as we get them. These are one-off events. The second section is at the bottom with the long-term recurring events, like Saturday and Wednesday races. Monthly meetings are the only recurring events that will be listed in the upper section, which will permit listing guest speakers or special meeting presentations and discussions.

TIDES - Don't forget to compensate for the highs and lows with your dock lines, spring lines are recommended. Winter tides have been known to swing up to 7 feet. These tides are for Upper Tampa Bay, so be aware when lows can happen, reaching -3 or lower, and exercise caution on those longer excursions. The Upper Tampa Bay tide is typically 45 minutes behind St. Pete. Always check the tide charts and be observant if you plan to be out for a while (don't forget the bridges!). You might even want to use the graphical charts so you can see the tide trends.

Hurricane Preparedness: The 2021 season is now ending. With past memories of IRMA, Michael, Katrina, and the rest, now is time to check and replace worn lines, and make preparations for next season. Another area you might want to consider is the bilge pump. If you get the BoatU.S. Magazine, read page 78 of the February/March 2012 edition.

Last year (2020-2021) was like a monsoon season with 8"-10" deluges and local flooding, which meant extra high tides in the bay. The average 2020 rainfall was exceeded by about 12-13", ending somewhere in the 16"-18" range. For July 2021, my personal weather station reported 14.62" of rain for the month. It also means tons of water in your boat. Are the drains (scuppers) cleared? Is your bilge pump and BATTERY(s) up for the task? Remember, power outages of several days are common during severe storms. This was a hint...

The very first thing to check is your dock lines, and check them often. Most articles about hurricanes or storms list line chafe as the #1 contributor for damage. If you have any question about the line size required, you can visit the West Marine Advisor page for this information. Generally, they recommend 1/8" line diameter for every 9' of boat length (1/2" should be adequate for all the boats in our marina). Then you double (or more) the lines for the big blow, or check this Boat US page for upsized ropes.

The second thing is the bilge pump, if you have one. You might consider installing one if you don't. For a small boat, you could power the pump with a motorcycle battery and a 5 watt solar panel for recharging. We had a very wet summer season and can get enough rain to sink a boat. If no bilge pump, check on your boat every couple of weeks. If you do have the pump, make it weekly.

Any weekend would also be a good time to schedule your 2021 or 2022 Free Vessel Safety Inspection to get your new sticker. Are your flares current and the nav lights working? Is your Registration current? Need a printable copy of the Inspection Checklist?

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S.H.B.C. Newsletter Archive

1st Wednesday
of each month

Monthly club meeting at the Safety Harbor Free Public Library, 6:30 pm.

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Weekend Activities

ALL SHBC ACTIVITIES ARE BACK IN BUSINESS. We are collecting ideas for the near and long term activities. Please respond to the Club's e-mail ( with your ideas and wants..

All Year

We are a club of multiple activities, like races, raft-ups, and field trips. Membership for the entire immediate Family is one surprisingly low cost. Fill out the Application and deliver it to any Club Officer or mail it with your check to the address on the application..

Pending Events
Use the Tides & Weather button above to check the tides as needed.

We are heading into the Winter Tide and HURRICANE wind down Season, which can typically reach +/- 3.5 foot swings, or more, with storm surges, so plan carefully for your sailing activities and trips. Keep an eye on your e-mail or check back here for last-minute notices of possible tours.

Check our postings from the 2014 & 2015 seasons.


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Previous Events:

SHBC Christmas Party and Toys For Tots (PDF's)


1 Wed. of Month

6:30 pm - SHBC monthly meeting at the Safety Harbor Free Public Library.

Mask may be required in the Library.



** Saturday Racing Series races are not regularly scheduled. Boat owners may or may not show up depending on personal schedules. Please watch your e-mail for confirmation of an "official" race.

The Saturday and Wednesday scheduled races are usually posted in your e-mails, for actual dates and revisions for races. Start times will be announced in advance of the race. December counts in the previous year's series.

Saturday - 10am unless otherwise noted

Wednesday - 6pm unless otherwise noted
(Cancelled due to darkness.)

Courses (New: Diagram and Race GPS Marks) will be announced with the scheduled race.


  • Boat skippers will decide on the day if a race will take place, dependent on weather.
  • Racers usually meet at least 45 minutes before scheduled start.
  • Race course determined on the day. Start times may vary depending on tide conditions.
  • New crew (experienced or not) always welcome. Send us an email to get on the crew list..


Back Bay Triangle timed races returned February 2021.

   Guest Speaker Scheduled:
October - Art Worth,:
Kayaking Adventure in the Rockies.


Guest Speakers wanted.
Apply or suggest here - - >


Our next monthly meeting will be at the Safety Harbor Library. We were using ZOOM to meet regularly on the first Wednesday of each month.

As further events are added or changed for December or January's schedule, members will be updated by e-mail. If you are not a member but would like information, or to join the e-mail list, email the Webmaster using the link below.