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During the summer of 2000, boat owners at the Safety Harbor Marina gathered on the docks to share the fun and excitement of sailing with one another. It was at this gathering that one owner asked why there wasn't a Boat Club at the marina. Gerry Corbino mentioned that they had tried to establish one previously and found a lack of interest at the time. Many of the boat owners seemed quite interested now in sharing adventure stories, boat experiences and lack of experiences as well. We all seemed to want to share knowledge and fun with one another and agreed that we would meet informally on the docks again to socialize.

With weather a factor in meeting at the docks, Doug Poole then offered his Church facilities as our official meeting place. We then began to organize and form our new boat club. With the help of Gerry, we discussed forming our Constitution and electing our Officers. Frank Fitzhenry was elected as our first Commodore with John Viverito as Vice Commodore. Candy Pritchett became our Secretary and Treasurer. Now we had the task of voting for a name for our boat club.

The SAFETY HARBOR BOAT CLUB was decided upon, to encourage all boating enthusiasts to join. If you have a love of boating and no boat, no worry. Fellow boat owners will cordially invite guests to become crewmembers on their boats.

After voting on an appropriate name for our boat club, we then went on to design a burgee for our members and even wearing apparel with our logo. The design was created by members submitting designs and ideas that we merged together and then voted upon. As you can see, we are a hands on Club. All members participate in decision-making and enjoy all aspects of the Club.

Next on our agenda was to elect an Activities Director. Dale Cuddeback became our official Activities Director. He would set sail with John Viverito to different locations ahead of time to scout out our route for future sailings and boat trips. Dale would then set all members up with a full itinerary for the next adventure. Our first boating activity was a raft-up in Upper Tampa Bay near Philippe Park and Oldsmar. Dale led the way through the channels and showed us inexperienced sailors and boaters the art of rafting up.

It was a bit windy and we had quite a few sailboats, and one or two powerboats. There were a few quirks to work out rafting up but we did it. We then enjoyed some swimming, warm hospitality by all and even a great show by one member trying to catwalk across a line to get to his dinghy. He almost fell in the drink. Dale then introduced us all to what he calls Foibles. You see, when any member is caught by another member doing the unthinkable, Dale has the honor of roasting, so to speak, that individual. Our day ended with the tale of a laughable experience of one of our members being chastised for his gaffs at sailing.

Dale's success in organizing our raft-up led to other wonderful activities. We set sail for an overnight trip to St. Petersburg Pier where we enjoyed dinner together, and a spectacular sunset and sunrise. The waves were a bit choppy upon our return back, but all made it back safely. Future trips included Jimmy Mack's Restaurant and Bahama Breeze in Tampa.

When coming and going to Bahama Breeze, one needs to pay close attention to the currents and the channels, as it can be precarious. There have been many foibles given out at this location. Many have grounded here and others have attempted to help to no avail. It can be comical at times, like when one member freed another member only to get stuck themselves. One member actually saved a stranded jet-skier on a trip back from Bahama Breeze. His boat had the lowest draft so he was able to pick him up. Other attempts were futile.

Other activities have included potluck dinners at the docks, parades and decorating of the boats for the holidays. Boat races take place occasionally and even a photo rally. I for one, look forward to future trips with our club. Now that the weather is good for sailing and the tides are cooperating, I hope to see many more fellow members out on the bay.

Betty Taylor
Charter Member and Club Historian


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