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Want to plug that puncture hole in the boat hull?
Try a product I call "PigPutty".


I have been looking for something to carry on the boat, should I ever poke a hole below the waterline. One product I found, through a family member, seemed to have the right characteristics. I was interested in ease of use, how much do I get for the money, cure time, and the expected shelf life.

Enter "PigPutty". No, that is not really the name - but it sounded good, right? The product is called "PIG® Wet Surface Repair Putty" and costs about $14.00 for two 7" tubes. Not knowing what a 7" tube was, I figured it was about the diameter of a No. 2 pencil. I contacted my inside connection (my niece) and asked a couple of techical questions. Here are the responses:

"Can the wet surface putty be used to repair a sailboat (i.e. saltwater) = YES.

In fact the formula for the wet repair putty enables a longer curing time under water (the standard repair putty may cure too quickly, thus not providing a tight seal on all points of contact, etc.). The wet surface repair putty was designed with this application in mind and should work quite nicely for repairing sailboats (including the fiberglass surfaces).

Flatten a tube to 1/8" thick, how much area does this cover? = 134 square inches.

A 7" stick is a cylinder. Using the volume of a cylinder, we can calculate the volume which gives 16.38 cubic inches. Then divide by 1/8" to get square inches = 134 square inches. This would be tough to do in practice (to get an even 1/8" all over), but in theory, that's how much area he would get."

One stick would completely cover a hole patch of nearly one foot square. With a couple of sticks, some plywood paneling, and a couple hours of cure time, you have the makings of a hull redesign.

I have not actually tested this product. And don't want to, but I do want to be prepared. If you are interested, visit and click on the Hobbies... >Boating link on the left side. If you order, please mention Squeal # E280 so my niece gets credit for the sales lead.

Note: I have known about this company, especially for their NewPig Hazardous Material containment products, for many years.

9 April 2003

Mike Hembrey
Tampa Bay