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Second Annual
2010 Bikini Cup Race
17 Apr 2010

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    Safety Harbor Bikini Cup   
17 April 2010

Well, the race is done, the food is gone, and the party is over. The second Safety Harbor Bikini Cup Race was a bigger (read REALLY huge) success than last year. Great weather, great food, and a large crowd all contributed to a good time by all. This year, we had 13 boats/crews registered for the race. There were no reported violations, if you don't count chasing the Marker #4 around, and not one collision this year. Of course, there were a lot of opinions that we had to share with you.

Here is a sample of the comments overheard during the course of the day...

  • Why are there two # 4 Orange Marks?
  • Who hung their see-through lacey red and black bra with the Bikini Decorations?
  • We almost lost a foredeck crew overboard, during a take-down, but she saved the whisker pole.
  • On the last leg, "Amelia" was blocking our view of the finish line, so we couldn't see it.

  • ... and repeated again this year:

  • "That is enough food to feed 200 people."
  • "Who hid the deserts?"

There are some links below for you to enjoy. We have our sponsors, race results, and links to some pictures taken that day.

Pre-Race Activities and Race Pictures (DG set)

2010 Notice Of Race and Entry Form (PDF)

Notice: Due to the massive work required and the limited resources of the SHBC, the 3rd Annual Bikini Cup Race will not be a scheduled event in 2011.

Please check back often. As more information filters in, I will be enhancing this page and the links. - Webmaster

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